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Our Festival of Foreign Languages

Time flies! And our Festival of Foreign Languages has come to an end. We hope that everyone had a wonderful time during our Festival!

 Let’s look through the pages of the Festival diary.

The first day, the 12th of February, was devoted to the Ceremony of the Festival Opening. Though it took only 20 minutes, we had a chance to learn how to greet in 7 languages, to get acquainted with the plan of the Festival, and to get to know why it is important to learn Foreign Languages.

On that day, the 12th of February, the Spelling Bee Contest was held. We successfully demonstrated our knowledge in spelling words. We are able to think quickly and present well! There are a lot of winners of the contests! Congratulations! We also got acquainted with Rebecca Warren, Director of Primary  and  Pre-Kindergarten in the International School (United World College) Maastricht in  Holland, on that day.

On Tuesday (the 13th of February) we were offered a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the diverse world of the British and American literature. Every lesson on this day was like a treasure trove for our imagination, abilities and skills. Our junior pupils felt the magic atmosphere of fairy tales and limericks. And our senior pupils enjoyed the magnificent world of prose and poetry in English! Was it interesting to get to know about the history of the British and American literature, to get acquainted with the British and American writers and their works? Certainly, it was!

We also had an amazing opportunity to speak out at our Speaker’s Corner on that day. We proved that we are able to think quickly and present well, and you didn’t miss a chance to show your abilities. All the participants were a success!

 It is great that we proved that not only on Wednesday (the 14th of February) but also all the year round we are ready to “…keep love in our hearts.” We celebrated St. Valentine’s Day. We enjoyed our Valentine’s lessons! We received a lot of Valentine cards! We sent them to everybody, we told about our love to our parents, friends, teachers and classmates, to the whole world! We always remember: a loving heart is the beginning of all the knowledge!

Thursday (the 15th of February) was devoted to music. We remember that singing beautiful melodies is one thing, but to deliver the text so that everyone understands it, even in a foreign language, has to be worked at very hard!  We were lucky to listen to our gymnasium best hits. “Rising Stars” Concert was held during the breaks. It was fantastic! We really did our best to succeed on our Day of Music!

On Friday (the 16th of February) we discovered a lot of interesting things about our Motherland and other countries.  We learnt more about the character of different nations, their cuisines, customs and traditions.  The virtual journeys to Great Britain, America, Poland, China and France, the trips around our Belarus, certainly, helped us form a correct opinion of the national character of these countries. The lessons full of curious facts were held on the 16th of February.

The Poetry Recitation Contest “The World Is Full of Poetry!” took place in the Assembly Hall on that day! The participants did their best to achieve great results and fascinate the audience and jury! The pupils presented poems about love and friendship, about the dearest people in our life, about Homeland and hope. Congratulations to the winners of the Contest!

During the five days of the Festival week we were also welcome to take part in The Short Story Contest “The Best Story I Can Tell”. It turned out that a lot of pupils really have a vivid imagination and are brilliant at making up stories!

 Taking part in the Contest of Young Detectives “WANTED” was a real challenge!  We did our best and managed to identify the world’s celebrities!

Our Festival of Foreign Languages was a success!

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