The Magnificent World of Literature

«Except a living man there is nothing more wonderful than a book! They teach us and open their hearts to us as brothers,» wrote Charles Kingsley, an English writer of the 19th century.  We can’t agree more! The book is really one of the greatest human inventions. It is a friend and a teacher. We learn a lot from books. Books educate people in different spheres of life. They develop our imagination, make us think and analyze. They help  form our character and widen our outlook. Books help us in self education and in solving problems. They make our life more interesting and exciting.

The world of literature is amazing! We first meet books when we are very small and can’t read, but we remember our mothers read them to us. And a travel begins… to new lands and unknown worlds, customs and traditions, folklore, cuisine, art, fashion, as well as famous historical figures.

Books offer young travellers a great opportunity to explore new cultures through a colourful world of illustrated picture books  They can introduce children to the rich cultural heritage  of different international destinations.

Even if your pilgrimage to a dream destination is entirely imaginary, picture books can offer kids an introduction to a wonderful world of armchair travel.

Today (on the 9th of February) we have a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the diverse world of the British and American literature. Every lesson today is like a treasure trove for our imagination, abilities and skills. Our junior pupils   feel the magic atmosphere of fairy tales. And our senior pupils enjoy the magnificent world of prose and poetry in English!

Let’s keep this tradition going!

          Have a nice trip! Gute Reise!  Bon Voyage! Счастливого пути!

           Natalia Pribylskaya,  a teacher of English


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