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X – STREAM Сlub Session  Saturday 20 February 2021

X – STREAM Сlub Session  Saturday 20 February 2021

This time our X – STREAM club Saturday meeting was dedicated to fashion, or rather fashion and school uniform. Students of the 9th forms took part in an interactive trip ‘The Knowledge of Foreign Languages Opens the Doors to the World’.

When we talk about fashion we usually mean the popular style in dress or behavior. For most modern people fashion is a method of wearing clothing, accessories and hair to express themselves. Fashion is always changing, normally it is possible to say what time or epoch the particular clothing belongs to.

Fashion is something we deal with everyday. Even people who say they don’t care what they wear choose clothes every morning that say a lot about them and how they feel that day.

But one aspect of clothes, a school uniform, is often a point for discussions. That’s why our interactive trip was in the form of a debate.

There were three teams, one was for the school uniform, one was against and one was for a school uniform but not for every day. Students discussed various aspects of clothes for school, such as a uniform and personality, the financial side of the question, comfort and convenience, details and accessories and many others. Masha Goshko, Nikita Fedchuk, Zhenia Zhukovskaya, Pasha Lutsevich and other students expressed their points of view and asked their opponents questions, argued and explained, listened, sometimes agreed, sometimes didn’t.

         And it is not very important who won in the debate, because no one lost. Moreover, everybody gained something, improved on the one hand their English and trained to develop logic thinking on the other hand.

Anatoly Karkashin,  a teacher of English

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