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Intellectual game «Everything About Dzerzhinsk»

whatwhereGames can stimulate the mind, awakening creativity and critical thinking. Intellectual games help become cleverer.

Why not participate in the game “WHAT? WHERE? WHEN?”  and prove that your team is the best?

The topic for the game is      “Everything about   Dzerzhinsk”DZ

To win  you should learn as much as possible about our town and the people living here. Go to the library, ask your teachers and parents, read on the Internet, find out interesting facts!

The intellectual game “WHAT? WHERE? WHEN?”

“Everything about Dzerzhinsk”

 will take place on February,13

So, make up a team …

Register your team at Room  п4  ( Teacher A. Karkashyn)

and become winners!


Here you can find the list of questions to be answered during the game. The list is open and new questions are added practically every day.

Use this page to find some useful resources and information about our town.

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