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Test your knowledge of English and English speaking countries with this quiz.

  1. What should you say in English if someone sneezes?
  1. Where was Shakespeare born?shakespeare
  2. What happened in   Boston in 1773? What is the event called?
  3. In what battle was Napoleon finally defeated in 1815?
  4. Who became Britain’s first woman Prime Minister in 1979?
  5. What is Zorbing?
  6.  The Statue of Liberty was designed by Frederic Bartholdi and was given to the  US  by  France  in 1884 as a symbol of Franco-American friendship. But who was the model for the statue?the Statue

a) Bartholdi’s wife

b) Bartholdi’s mother

c) Bartholdi’s daughter

d) Bartholdi’s sister

8. Complete the proverb:

One man’s ____ is another man’s poison.

a) cigarette

b) bread

c) meat

d) coffee


9. To be “down in the mouth” means to be _____.

a) tired

b) depressed

c) frightened

d) happy


10. Romeo fell head over _____ in love with Juliet.Romeo and J


a) heart

b) ears

c) feet

d) heels


11. Which is the correct question tag?

I’m beautiful, _____?

a) aren’t I

b) am I

c) am I not

d) isn’t it


12. David got married _____ a girl he met inMoscow.

a) to

b) with

c) on

d) for


13. This flower is a _____ .     carnation

a)  tulip

b) carnation

c) cornflower

d) daffodil


14. So many men, so many _____.

a) women

b) brains

c) minds

d) countries


15.The “Big Apple” is a popular nickname—but for what?  the big apple


a)Los Angeles

b)New York




16. Where in the United States can you find the Golden Gate Bridge?   golden gate bridge

a)San Francisco

b)San Diego

c)New Orleans




17. What do American people call their police officers?

a) bobbies

b) cops

c) dogs

d) detectives


18. The two largest political parties in the US are the Republicans and the Democrats. The Republican party is traditionally represented by an elephant. What animal represents the Democratic Party?   party

a) a monkey

b) a donkey

c) a tiger

d) a panda

19. What colour are the taxis in New York?

a) black

b) green

c) yellow

d) white


20. The    United Kingdom  is ____.

a) a parliamentary republic

b) an absolute monarchy

c) a constitutional monarchy

d) a limited monarchy


21.What is the most ancient monument in  Great Britain?

a) the Lower West Gate

b) The Tower Gate

c)Hadrian’s Wall



22. What is the Barbican?

a) a river

b) an art centre

c) a pop group

d) a cinema


23. The language spoken in Scotland  is _____.

a) Scot

b) Scottish

c) Scotch



24. What is Benjamin Britten?

a) an architect

b) a politician

c) a writer

d) a composer


25. Who was the first English writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature?   nobel

a) Conan Doyle

b) G. Wells

c) R. Kipling

d) J. Galsworthy



26. Cockney is ____.

a) a bird

b) a dish

c) an accent

d) a town


27. Smog is ____.

a) a man’s suit

b) a thick fog

c) a heavy rain

d) a man’s hat


28. A  brunch is ____.

a) breakfast

b) late breakfast

c) dinner

d) a tea party

29. Englishmen have dinner at ____.  dinner

a)11 a.m.

b) 2 p.m.

c) 6 p.m.

d) 9 p.m.



30. When it is 12 o’clock in   Minsk   in   London it is ____.

a) 7 o’clock

b)  8 o’clock

c) 9 o’clock

d) 10 o’clock



Bring your answers on a sheet of paper to room 8 (English study).

The winner is the person who will be the first to give the right answers.





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