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Getting ready for the exam

Журнал «Замежныя мовы у РБ» № 3 2012 год

Ситуации  общения для беседы на экзамене по учебному предмету  «АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК» за период  обучения и воспитания на  III ступениобщего среднего образования  скачать

 Practise listening:
Task_1    Listen to the story   Story_1  « A  Little Acident While Cycling » read by Rob Wells, an ordinary  Englishman  
 Task_2   The Reporter’s Job     Story_2     The Reporter’s Job  
Story_3     Job Hunting
Story_4      The Fashion House

   What Career Suits You Best?      Do the quiz and find out!

Listen to  Martine Ainsworth-Wells  who works as the director of marketing at Visit London and get ready to speak about her job. Use the  questions  as a plan.

Homework for Monday

UNIT 5 Ex2a         The United States — Location, Size and Regions

Watch this film about Canada to have the idea of the country


English traditional meals Listen and read English Traditional Meals text

🙂 Kate wants to know … how food in Belarus differs from that in Britain. The answer is here English.

…why they say that Belarus is at the crossroads of Europe. The answer is here ( Belarus is at the crossroads of Europe)


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